About Kalen Chase

Some say that Kalen Chase was the feckless offspring of the Norse god Loki and an unfortunate mountain, but most are resigned to the fact that his origin will remain forever shrouded in mystery. One thing is for certain, Kalen likes to party. From smuggling bibles into communist china for fun, to touring with rock legends Korn and drinking all of their alcoholic beverages, this dangerous Hollywood vagabond wakes up on the mischievous side of the bed every afternoon. While currently working on a new music project (which he is keeping top secret) and a solo career (which he shamelessly flaunts) Kalen relaxes by cooking gourmet cuisine for his friends and family, collecting edged weapons and engaging in an age old battle of wits with his arch-nemesis Mike Scioscia. Aside from his solo projects, teaching, and film/tv composing, Kalen is currently in the diabolical duo rock fantasmic called Time and the Dragon, as well as the symphonic hard rock phenomenon known as The War Effort. In summation, Kalen Chase is forever.


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